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11/13/08 03:19 PM #64    

Erin Manning

Dee Dee (Paragas) Lott - I think its great that you put this site together! I remember waiting for the school bus on your porch......It looks like you have everything covered but if ANYONE needs any help with planning or anything, please send me a message, would love to help out. I'm going to go home tonight and start looking through all my old HS photos (if I can find them LOL, I may need to take a trip to my mom's attic.... hopefully I can find some good ones that Erin (Widener) Speckhart can use for the slide show, everyone BEWARE, I'm not going to hold any pictures back......except maybe MINE. LOL Looking forward to catching up with old friends.......

11/15/08 08:45 AM #65    

DeeDee Paragas (Lott)

Erin Manning - it is so good to see you on here. You and Jeanne Kelly were my first friends when I moved to Virginia Beach in elementary school! Welcome to the Web site -- almost half our class is here!

11/24/08 07:55 PM #66    

Joan Pascua (Pascua-Colasito)

Dee Dee,
Did you all come up with a date for the reunion? I clicked on reunion planning and didn't see it. Let me know if I can help out. See you on Facebook. Seems like everyone is on there now.

11/26/08 10:10 AM #67    

DeeDee Paragas (Lott)

Yes, we are excited to be planning the reunion for the weekend of August 8, 2009. It's going to be a great event! Please pass the news to everyone in our class and make sure they all register here on this site! Several people are on Facebook, but haven't registered here yet.

12/05/08 02:38 AM #68    

Jeanne Kelly

Took forever - but the pictures on on the photobucket DeeDee set up. Enjoy :)

12/05/08 11:58 AM #69    

Erin Manning

OMG Jeanne Kelly! These are classic pics, I havent made it over to my moms to go through my old pics but I will soon!! I cant wait to see you, I think of you everytime I drive by your old house on the way to my mom's! I'm glad you are doing so well now, I'm so sorry to hear you went through a terrible time, you were my first friend when I moved here in 3rd grade, its hard to believe we are 37 now, where does the time go???? Cant wait to see you and thanks again for the pics!!

12/06/08 01:23 PM #70    

Diane Kelly (Slawson)

I put some pictures up there as well. If you are on facebook, you have already seen them though.

12/19/08 09:08 AM #71    

Jane Remillard (Clifford)

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's! I'm so excited to be headed back to VA for Christmas for the first time in 12 years! (We leave tomorrow for a short stop in NC to visit my father.) I hope to be able to meet up with some of you on my brief trip. Enjoy the holidays!

01/18/09 11:53 PM #72    

R. Bruce Duncan

Thank you to Robert Roszala for bringing up the question. 11 September 2001. Got up at 0430. I was the Mission Commander for a training flight of student Navigators (Navy and Air Force -- the 562nd Flying Training Squadron). I remember commenting that the weather was wonderful and it was a "good day to fly."
I know that every military member I have met -- has done and will do what he or she can to protect and defend our country. I'm sorry if that sounds sappy, but you didn't read the other versions I deleted, because they were even more sappy. Take care and be safe!
-- R. Bruce

01/21/09 11:07 AM #73    

DeeDee Paragas (Lott)

Hi everyone - reunion planning is back underway post-holidays. Here is the question of the hour: Where should we have our Friday night mixer on Aug 7, 2009? We will need something fairly large since we expect a good turnout (maybe >200). Recall that Waterman's for our 10th was a bit cramped. Current frontrunners are Kokoamo's (reserve the West Deck, fits ~200) and Hot Tuna (Class of 88 reserved the deck and fit 150 comfortably). Thoughts anyone??

01/21/09 07:32 PM #74    

Shannon Thompson (Tipton)

Don't have any real new ideas, I think what you've mentioned sounds jazzy to me.

01/21/09 10:23 PM #75    

Elisa Ruopoli (Ruopoli)

Hey DeeDee ... I am not currently in VA BCH but have been to both places you mentioned ... I think. Both sound great. I would love to be able to be outdoors and by the water! Charleston beaches just aren't the same!!

Just my 2 cents! lol

01/21/09 10:50 PM #76    

John Zulueta

Sounds great either way...we were just in Va Beach over the weekend and went to Catch 31 for drinks at the Hilton at the beach...very nice and I recall in the summer they open up the windows/doors for a open lounge feel. I think they have an open patio area as well.

02/02/09 07:22 PM #77    

Diana Harrell (Stankiewicz)

Places I have checked out in person and by phone are; Kokoamo's, Hot Tuna, Granby Theatre, and Chick's Oyster Bar. The top runner for price right now is Granby Theatre. I still have a few more calls to make. Continued thoughts are appreciated! I am still seeking more classmates, I want to locate as many as possible, since more than half our class did not know we even had a 10th Reunion. I am DETERMINED!!

02/04/09 12:10 AM #78    

Jennifer Plank (Gagner)

I was at Kokamo's recently for a going away get-together and they had just had a class reunion party out on the deck. Everyone looked happy, however, if it rains we are gonna get wet! ;-)

02/13/09 10:11 PM #79    

Amy McClaren (Baham)

Hey Dee Dee,

I have sent messages to our classmates in Australia.I wanted to make sure they were OK with all the brush fires.Dani wrote me back and she is OK.I have not heard back from Susie O'brien.Keep them both in your thoughts and prayers.Dani said it is just awful.

Just letting you know,
Amy McClaren

05/07/09 04:01 PM #80    

Diana Harrell (Stankiewicz)

Hi Class,

I received this email on my facebook page, so I thought I would pass it along:

Would you please send a message to all the members of your group informing them of the Class of '84 25th Reunion on 6/19-6/21. The Class of 84 is inviting the years of 82-86 and anyone else who knows those in those class years, as we want to have a GREAT combined reunion!!!

Your group has thousands more members than our Kempsville High School Reunion group!!! Better to work together with you!

Thanks in advance for your assistance!


05/13/09 05:29 PM #81    

Kimberly Wienke (Myers)

Are there going to be tickets sold for just the mixer? Although I'd like to attend the actual reunion, I think I might just attend the mixer if there is a way to do that.

05/18/09 05:03 PM #82    

DeeDee Paragas (Lott)

Kim, tickets are just for the main event. Tickets are not required for the Friday mixer or the Saturday morning school tours/family day. We do hope that everyone will buy tickets and attend the Saturday night main event because it probably will be the best setting for catching up with old friends.

06/05/09 07:27 PM #83    

Amy McClaren (Baham)

Hey Dee Dee,

I have already bought my ticket, there is a slight chance my husband my be home from Iraq..but I won't know til last minute.Can Sat night tickets be purchased at the door if he does infact attend? Thanks, Amy McClaren

06/08/09 11:58 AM #84    

DeeDee Paragas (Lott)

Yes, tickets will be available at the last minute and at the door. We just hope that people will buy their tickets early if possible so that we have a general head count and the funds to pay vendors. Thanks for buying your ticket early, and I do hope that your husband can come after all!

07/05/09 12:54 PM #85    

Elisa Ruopoli (Ruopoli)

To all our classmates who are currently or have served in the military and classmates who have spouses off fighting ... THANK YOU for keeping our fight for freedom alive! Hope all had a happy and safe 4th!

03/10/14 10:31 AM #86    

Diana Harrell (Stankiewicz)

Hello Classmates!


Wanted to get the message out there to update your profiles here.  DeeDee and I are trying to plan a 25th Reunion this summer (Aug 2014) so we need to make sure we can reach all of you!  Also make sure if you are on Facebook, to join the 1989 page there too!

Thanks, hope this finds all of you doing fantastic!

Diana (Harrell) Stankiewicz

04/05/14 10:40 AM #87    

Barry Schwarzschild

Dee Dee,

It is great to hear that a planned 25th reunion is set.  I missed the past reunions but I am hoping to make this one. It has been long time.  Look forward to seeing old classmates again.

Thank you,


07/08/14 10:21 AM #88    

Kimberly Wienke (Myers)

Has it really been 25 years?!?! Where has the time gone?

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